Why we don’t distribute il soo sik in written format

One of the most frequent questions we get is a request for us to distribute hand and foot techniques in written format.

We do not offer written instruction for two reasons.The first is that we believe the best way to learn martial arts is repetition. Both in class and through practice at home. If you are not practicing at home you will never be the martial artist you could be. Students often seek a quicker way to learn the techniques–but there are no shortcuts. Don’t forget that performing a technique one hundred times is only enough to begin to learn the moves.

TSDbookSecond and more important, the World Tang Soo Do Association already has books available and it would be a copyright violation for us to copy and distribute them. There are six volumes available in hard or soft cover.

  • Volume I – The Essence
  • Volume II – Basics
  • Volume III – Dae Ryun
  • Volume IV – Advanced Hyung
  • Volume V – Instructors Manual
  • Volume VI – Master’s Training Text

The Basics includes all the hand and foot techniques, as well as the numbered self defense you will need as a gup. For our students, we make the books available at our cost. We do not mark them up. If you are interested, Mrs. Johnson will email you an order form.

That being said, there is no reason you cannot write down the techniques for personal memorization. It is very helpful for individuals with different learning styles to

  • recall the techniques
  • hand write them (or type)
  • say them out loud
  • perform them
  • repeat

It may seem difficult to learn all of the techniques required for advancement. Here are two tips: first, don’t be overly ambitious and attempt to learn the next set before you have advanced to that rank. Look in your manual to see ham many you are supposed to know. (Advanced ranks — do not teach new numbered techniques without the instructors approval.) Second, be patient. We have the idea that knowledge is free and easy to acquire. For the most part, it is. If your attacker would wait while you pull up a self defense video on your phone — then you will be fine. If not, you must already have the kind of knowledge inside of you which comes through the labor of determination and repetition.


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    • It is true, there are typos in all books. This is one reason learning from a book does not compare to interacting with an instructor.

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