The Tang Soo Do Family

I found an interesting website students of Family Tang Soo Do might be interested to know about called

It is a personal project by Master Constantino Terrigno, Chief Instructor of Two Dragons Tang Soo Do in Sanford, Florida.

World Tang Soo Do is listed under North Carolina, where it is based, but many of the international schools are affiliated with it.

For other Tang Soo Do organizations, see the Organizations page.

Tang Soo!

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  1. I am attempting to find Master Jeong Sook Lee. He was my husbands instructor at Green River Community College in Auburn, Wa. They started a Tae Kwon Do Karate Club + Class there.This was in 1972-73. He was a friend who we considered part of our family. We lost track of him after he got married. If anyone knows of his whereabouts we would appreciate them letting him know that the James Grandy Family is looking for him. Please my husband is ill and would like to reconnect to him as his friendship was dear to him. TY Sincerely Sue Grandy

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