Smiling Tigers

Smiling Tigers class is designed for children who are anxious to learn a martial art but not ready for the traditional class. Children age 5-8 will have fun exercising, learning basic Smiling Tigers, instruction for children age 4-7techniques, self defense, confidence, concentration and discipline in a fun and fast-paced, environment.

You are encouraged to bring your child to view the class before you begin.


Smiling Tigers have the opportunity to receive stripes once they are wearing their uniform and patches. Details about the colored stripes are available in class, in your welcome email and here.

All through advancement in Tang Soo Do there is emphasis on developing your mind as well as your body. Part of the requirement for the blue stripe (terminology) in Smiling Tigers is to print and color this pdf with the American and Korean flag.  We say the five codes and seven tenets every day in class, but your assistance will help the student learn them faster.


Wear loose, modest clothing. No short shorts, please. Feel free to contact the instructor, Mrs. Johnson, if you have any questions.

Smiling Tigers take place on Friday at 5 p.m. For specific dates, see our calendar. There are three options to sign up with the Meridian Parks and Recreation online, phone or the Rec Guide. All classes take place at the Meridian Parks and Rec location.

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