How to prepare boards for kids to break

WTSDA regulation boards for testing are 12X12X1″. If a board is not required for your test (see the Gup manual) but you would still like to break a board, you might be able to use a half board. Students under 10 years may also use these boards. See Mr. Johnson for all special requests pertaining to breaking material.

See the first post regarding how to prepare boards for breaking to learn about how to select wood and prepare it. This is the second step to make it easier to break them — especially for kids.There are two different things you can do to make boards easier to break.


Cut perpendicular to the grain.


Final half board.

Half boards are beneficial for students who do not have the strength yet, because a successful break still requires skill and determination.

These are also perfect for practice because you double your breaking material for the same price. We encourage you to bring these to any breaking classes.


Notch the board on the top of the rainbow, because the student will be punching underneath.


Notched boards have a groove parallel to the grain on the opposite side where you will strike.

We encourage notched boards for students under 10 years of age.sweep

Do not cut too deep, it should be less than half the board. For very small children, you can cut half way — but beyond that you will be in danger of breaking them during transport because they break so easily.

See below examples from left to right of preferred, acceptable, and too deep:

bestmeasure halfwaytoodeep

You can also notch a half board. These are very easy to break and fun notch withgrainto build confidence or try new techniques like a kwon soo.

They are not always the best because they either instill false confidence or more likely, cause students to under-appreciate the skill and power required to break boards. However, they do help students who are too scared to try board breaking.

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