Ice Cream Social and Used Gear Swap!

Start the Fourth of July holiday right! After our July 2, 2016 Gup Test we will host an ice cream social and silent auction for donated Family Tang Soo Do Gear.

Date — Saturday, July 2, 2016
Time — Noon to 2 p.m.
Location — Meridian Parks and Rec Building where classes take place

This will be a great opportunity for current, past and future Family Tang Soo Do students to:

  • eat ice cream
  • clean out unneeded gear from closets and gym bags
  • buy different sized gear
  • help other families find the right sized gear
  • benefit the Wounded Warrior Project

How it will work:

Donate your gently used sparring gear and uniforms to Mrs. Johnson prior to the event. On the day of, walk around to inspect the gear you want to buy and add your name/price to the paper.

Eat ice cream and socialize. Additionally, there will be a table for everyone to make a card for patients at the VA hospital.

At 2 p.m., highest bids are final and the gear is yours. All proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior project.

Ice Cream and fixings will be provided by Family Tang Soo Do.

The Tang Soo Do Family

I found an interesting website students of Family Tang Soo Do might be interested to know about called

It is a personal project by Master Constantino Terrigno, Chief Instructor of Two Dragons Tang Soo Do in Sanford, Florida.

World Tang Soo Do is listed under North Carolina, where it is based, but many of the international schools are affiliated with it.

For other Tang Soo Do organizations, see the Organizations page.

Tang Soo!

Treasure Family Magazine Article

Treasure Valley Family Magazine featured an article about bullying this month, August 2012.

Family Tang Soo Do instructors Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were interviewed for the article.

Click the magazine cover to read it online. The article is on pages 24-25.