About your uniform

A uniform (dobohk) is purchased through the instructor. You may purchase one at any time. step10Do not wear uniforms with logos or patches from other schools. Instead wear loose fitting, modest clothing until a uniform is purchased. (They are not required until the second month. This is so you have a chance to decide if martial arts is right for you.)

Partial uniforms are not allowed. (At Family Tang Soo Do, we occasionally allow informal uniforms — dobohk pants and FTSD rank T-shirts. We will announce any informal uniform nights.)

Do not wear your dobohk outside of the studio (dojang). Try not eat in your dobohk, if you must eat at an all-day event or test, take care that you do not get any food on it. Dobohks must be kept clean looking and smelling.

There is a traditional way to fold your dobohk and the only other exception is to transport it on a hanger or in a garment bag if you are traveling to an event.

step1To Fold:step0
First, lay your dobohk as flat as possible, removing all wrinkles.

Cross the left lapel over the top and smooth.

Next, fold over the arms. step2

step3Fold the pants in half, pulling out the crotch and lay them across the top of the arms. Fold them up to match the base of the top.

step4You could also fold the pants completely in half if they are very long.

The greater care you take in smoothing the material the better it will look after it spends a few days in the bottom of your gym bag. step6

step5Fold both sides long-ways to meet in the middle.

Then fold entire dobohk in half, again long-ways.

step7Then fold again in half, but from this time the other direction.

Fold your belt in half (this helps crease the belt so you alwaysstep9 know where the middle is and you can dress down faster) then fold it over using the same method to tie your belt in class.

You should finish with a nice handle to to carry or hang your dohbok.