johnsonsTang Soo Do (pronounced “tong sue doe”) is a traditional Korean Karate that has a 2,000 year old history. Tang Soo Do is known for its scientific teaching methods and a balance of hand and kicking techniques. This unique martial art emphasizes holistic betterment self-defense, health, physical fitness, discipline, and self-control. Advancement is always earned, never given. If you are interested in investing the time and energy into this worthwhile life-long activity, please join us.

Affordable martial arts for the whole family
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have children of their own and understand the difficulties of paying for extra activities. They also understand the what it is like to transport each child to a different location across town on any given night of the week.

Learn Martial Arts with your children! Each individual will be able to advance at their own speed while learning together. Classes are geared toward ages 8 and older. “Smiling Tigers” class is available for younger students. johnson5

Are you unsure martial arts are for everyone in the family? You will be confident when you enroll yourself or child that the atmosphere will be encouraging, non-threatening and safe. Contact us with any questions or visit a class to see what it is like.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson do not teach any eastern mysticism in their class. This traditional martial art pursues discipline, integrity, concentration, perseverance, respect & obedience, self-control, humility and an indomitable spirit.

Recent Posts

Region 1 Tournament in San Francisco

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had the opportunity to meet World Tang Soo Do Grandmaster Beaudoin at the recent WTSDA Region 1 Tournament, Black Belt test and clinic.

Grandmaster Beaudoin taught a tiny tigers class Saturday morning as well as a clinic for all belt levels. Kwan Jan Nim Fortin, zen sword master, was present and also taught for the Saturday clinic. All belt levels had the opportunity to participate in part.

The current plans for the next five Region 1 tournaments (take place in May) are as follows: Seattle in 2015, Reno in 2016, Garberville in 2017, Roseburg in 2018 and returning to San Francisco in 2019.

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